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A Beginner’s Guide to Dot Net Programming and its Rising Popularity

Dot Net Framework is a Microsoft-developed framework for building robust, secure, and performance-driven windows and web applications. It has been around since 2002 and offers a clear separation of concerns for different tiers of the application architecture. In recent times, there has been a surge in demand for Dot Net projects and developers. This is due to several factors, including: Cross-platform support: Dot Net Core, a newer version of the framework, allows developers to build web applications that can be hosted on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Flexible and inexpensive hosting alternatives: Dot Net applications can be deployed on a variety of platforms without requiring expensive licenses. Large and supportive community: There are millions of Dot Net developers around the world who share their knowledge and experience online. Programming elegance: Dot Net offers features like multi-language support, automatic memory management, and built-in dependency injection, which make it a joy to work with. Open source: Dot Net Core is open source, which means that it is constantly being improved by the community. The future of Dot Net programming looks bright. Microsoft is committed to keeping the framework up-to-date with the latest trends, and Visual Studio 2022 provides developers with the tools they need to build modern, scalable applications.

NestJS gives you the right edge : here’s what your developer needs to know

NestJS is a JavaScript framework that is built on top of Node.js. It is known for its modular architecture, TypeScript support, decorator-based syntax, and dependency injection. These features make it a popular choice for developers who are looking to create robust and scalable server-side applications. Some of the benefits of using NestJS include: Improved code maintainability and fewer runtime errors due to TypeScript integration Increased developer productivity due to the powerful NestJS CLI A vibrant open-source community that contributes to the framework's growth Simpler unit testing due to NestJS's modular architecture and built-in testing utilities Extensive and well-maintained documentation