We have seen an unusual surge in demand for Dot Net projects and Dot Net developers in recent times. Let us review what Dot Net Programming and its Framework is all about and visit some of the factors responsible for this rise.

What is Dot Net Framework?

Microsoft introduced the Dot Net Framework in February 2002, and since then, it has always been one of the top considerations in developing robust, secure, and performance-driven windows and web applications. It helps keep MVC structure and Web API together, yet loosely coupled, while allowing the development of feature-rich APIs with complex business logic. It has a clear separation of concern in terms of various tiers of the application architecture. Here is a high-level architecture of the Dot Net Framework.

Dot Net framework Architecture

In July 2016, Microsoft revealed an open-source and cross-platform version called Dot Net Core. All features of the Dot Net Framework are now available independent of OS and infrastructure.

Dot Net Core


Why has Dot Net Programming become so popular?

  • Cross-platform support
    Web applications are the most common type of applications developed. Developers build the majority of the web applications using Dot Net programming. Asp.Net Core web applications can be hosted across multiple platforms with the same code base, including Windows, Linux, or Mac.
  • Flexible and inexpensive hosting alternatives
    Regarding application deployment, Dot Net programming does not require expensive Windows/Server/software licenses. Using the Dot Net framework can lead to less hosting and deployment costs.
  • Large community support
    Millions of Dot Net developers have been sharing their experiences and ideas of using Dot Net frameworks in the Microsoft community since the day DotNet Framework 1.0 was released. This tradition continues even with the latest version of Dot Net Core i.e. 6.x. With such an extensive community existence, it has been easy for any novice developer to get accustomed to Dot Net programming.
  • Programming Elegance
    There seems to be a great programming elegance in developing the application in current and future eras, with some of the key features:

    • Multi-Language support
    • Feature-rich framework with lots of built-in libraries
    • Automatic memory management
    • Package management
    • Asynchronous programming
    • Built-in support for Azure applications
    • Built-in dependency injection
  • Unified and extended
    With the solid capabilities and features of Dot Net Core, any code can be reused as a shared library across different types of Apps, as shown in the image below.

  • Less code, more productivity
    With fewer lines of code using a cross-app code base, Dot Net developers can achieve complex functionalities developed in a quick time, keeping it more structured and reusable.
  • Dot Net Core is Open Source
    Microsoft first declared Asp.Net MVC as open-source in March 2012. This was followed by making Entity Framework in July 2012. After receiving great acceptance and response by the community, Microsoft has made Dot Net Core open-source, thereby rendering it more powerful and vigorous over time, with solid open-source community support.

Future of Dot Net Programming

Microsoft has always followed a trend of keeping the Dot Net services on the bright-line by releasing new and latest versions yearly. The next release plan indicates the same.

To support the latest and future Dot Net versions, Microsoft has also sustained a rollout of Visual Studio 2022, which is modern, innovative, scalable, intelligent, AI-assisted, as well as equipped with features handy for ease of development.


In a nutshell, the so-called resurgence of Dot Net is not prevalent, simply because Dot Net has never been out of style at all! Every time a new version of Dot Net comes out, the developer community is equipped with more new features to match with the current and future development trends.

Furthermore, Dot Net programming remains in a very high demand still, with the version 6.0. It is needless to mention that with new and latest features it is going up and strong with future versions. The way is only forward for Dot Net programming.

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