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Diversity and Inclusion stratgies implemented at Wishtree Technologies

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The Catalysts for Wishtree’s Success

DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

The concept has been in human resources for ages and is still effective. But here’s the thing: it’s more than just a buzzword or a checkbox exercise.

I often see people associating DEI or D&I (An acronym used a few years back) with providing equal opportunities to women employees or hiring more women in their teams. But it’s way bigger than that.

DEI is about making everyone in your organization feel like they belong. It’s about giving them the recognition they deserve and making them happy and satisfied at your workplace.

At our company, we’ve adopted some cool strategies to make sure everyone feels included. Take a look.

The evolution of Technology Focus Group(TFG)

This is an interesting story. It was that time of the year when we were knee-deep in our annual departmental reviews. As we dug into the nitty-gritty, we realized something crucial – our technical team was hitting roadblocks, but they didn’t always know where to turn for help.

Sure, they had their reporting/project managers and technical architects, but let’s face it—they can’t be everywhere at once, right? We needed something more, something like a superhero squad for tech troubles!

Enter the TFG – a group where resources specialized in different skill sets came together to help other individuals who needed guidance with regard to a certain technology. Suddenly, our team had a lifeline. No more spinning in circles when they hit a snag; now they had a dedicated crew to turn to for help.

And you know what? It’s been a game-changer. Not only are tech problems getting solved faster than ever, but our team also feels more at ease knowing they’ve got backup. Plus, it’s sparked a whole new level of creativity and collaboration.

Ideas are flying, processes are evolving, and our people create an impact through diversity-driven innovation

Why did we start the “Buddy program.”

This journey began when we realized that every new joiner in the organization needs proper guidance for at least the initial couple of months, and an HR or Reporting Manager can’t always be with them. Furthermore, since new joiners are just starting in the organization, many may feel reluctant to voice their queries or seek assistance.

That’s when the lightbulb moment hit us—what if we had someone like a friendly neighborhood buddy to show them the ropes, answer questions, and just generally make the transition smoother? Thus, the Buddy program was born!

Now, we’ve got a team of rockstar Buddies in our Ahmedabad and Pune offices, each armed with insider knowledge, empathy, and a lot of Wishtree spirit. One buddy is assigned to each new joiner – they’re like the welcoming committee, ensuring no newbie feels lost or left out in the cold.

Wishtree is all about shaking things up and keeping the vibes fresh. That’s why we’ve rolled out strategic changes like a hybrid work model, flexi-Fridays, revamped leave policies, focused and targeted learning and development sessions, upskilling programs for bench resources, and a “just wish it” policy to fulfill the personal aspirations of our employees.

Our open house meetings are the cherry on the top. We have them every quarter where people can come up with their concerns, queries or suggestions freely. This way we keep the lines of communication open, understand each other’s perspectives, and make Wishtree feel like home for everyone. 

Not only do we try our best to resolve their questions and take their suggestions for improvement in the upcoming quarters, but we also share the vision/roadmap for the next quarter with everyone.

That’s us in a nutshell – with transparency, inclusivity, and a lot of heart. Here’s to making every day at Wishtree a little brighter for our fantastic team!

If you are building a diversified team with equity and Inclusion, here are some key aspects to consider:

Diversity and Inclusion

By embracing DEI practices, you’ll witness the remarkable positive impact it can have on your organization.


Payal Ghanshani

Talent Manager